How Houston Life Insurance Proves a Bonanza for Stay-at-Home Parents

14.02.22 09:58 AM Comment(s)
Houston life insurance policy

There has been a misconception among the humans regarding the life insurance policy that only a breadwinner of the house deserves a life insurance policy after all they are one who are fulfilling the daily expenses of the house right?

It’s not true! 

Practically if you had to replace the stay-at-home parent role, it may cost you a fortune.

Moreover being a stay-at-home Mom or Stay-at-home Dad is the toughest job in world where you don’t have Saturday or Sunday to relax and a job that goes beyond nine-five grind, not a single day break, juggling between the cleaning of house, ironing clothes and cooking food for the partner and kids.

But still we heard people saying why stay-at-home parents needs a life insurance when they don't earn? Life insurance policy is actually a financial support that people buy on behalf of earning people so that they could get a good amount of dollars to replace the income if a breadwinner passes away. But what if you are not doing paying job? Do you still need life insurance coverage? Talk to Houston insurance company and know how life insurance make your life easier at least financially after losing the earning member unexpectedly!

The answer is yes!

Although these stay-at-home single parent in Texas are not bringing any salary to the home but playing vital role in the household task such as taking care of child, preparing meal and cleaning, for that if you hire someone else, could multiply your expenses. Have you ever thought how much it would cost you if stay-at-home parent unfortunately die? More than $162,000 in a month!

Now you know how important it is to secure the stay-at-home parents? Now let’s take a dive into how to buy Houston life insurance policy to ensure protection of your family;

First, you need to contact Houston reliable insurance companies to discuss about your financial situation, so that, they can assist you better! When you will have a life insurance for the stay-at-home parent, you could get safety net (death payout) in the event of their death. With those death benefits, the alive breadwinner can pay the child tuition fees, daily home expenses and take of child properly without spending money of own.

In addition, there more reasons to buy life insurance policy for the stay-at-home parents;

Reduces the burden on the breadwinner when a stay-at-home parent dies with a life insurance policy.

Death payout can be used for children’s future planning.

You can payout outstanding debts.

Life insurance offers best coverage for the medical bills too.

That's not all, if one partner asks for divorce, life insurance is valuable. Want to know you can approach local Houston insurance agents.

Add financial support to the family.

Best Life Insurance Policy for Stay-at-Home Parents?

Term life insurance is the right choice for buying life insurance for your loved one because it is too affordable and easy to access. As it cover best insurance plans for life, illness, and businesses against the financial loss, disability and death at lowest monthly premium rates.

Need help? Contact our professional for a quote! They will guide you with the affordable Houston term life insurance so that the family’s finances wouldn’t take a hit in future.

How much coverage cost they need?

Life insurance replace your income therefore how much your insurance cost will depend on your current salary. After this, the coverage cost is depending on your family size, if it’s big, you require large coverage.

  • Second, the coverage amount will be depending on the cost of child care, part time babysitter cost.

  • How much your family earn?

  • Cost involved when you hire a domestic cleaner.

It’s better to think about hiring Houston insurance agency to get better idea on life insurance coverage cost.